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      John Milliagan-Whyte Esq.


John Milligan-Whyte

        John Milligan-Whyte co-founded the Center for America China Partnership in 2005 and America China Partnership Foundation in 2007 in New York, which China Daily stated in 2009 became “the first American think tank to combine and integrate American and Chinese perspectives providing a complete answer for America and China’s success in the 21st century.” In 2009 People’s Daily Online named John Milligan-Whyte the “new Edgar Snow” and “21st century Kissinger.”

    John and Dai Min Milligan-Whyte are the authors of five books in the America-China Partnership Book Series published in English and Mandarin:

  • China & America’s Emerging Partnership: A New Realistic Perspective
  • New China Business Strategies: Chinese & American Companies as Global Partners
  • Sino-US Relations in the Obama Administration: Facing Shared Challenges
  • Moral Authority and Mankind’s Future: China & America’s Responsibilities
  • A White Paper for the Presidents of America and China

These books created the “New School of America China Relations” announced by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Center for International Economic Exchange’s Global Think Tank Summit and in Foreign Affairs Magazine in 2009.

These books and the New School of US China Relations were summarized in A White Paper for the Presidents of America and China used in President Hu Jintao’s preparations for negotiations with President Obama. Sino-US Relations in the Obama Administration: Facing Shared Challenges was translated and published in China by the Central Party School in 2010.

In 2009 China’s State Council’s National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC) and in 2010 Beijing Foreign Studies University signed Memoranda of Cooperation with the Center for America China Partnership and America China Partnership Foundation to implement the “New School of US-China Partnership”.

In 2010 John Milligan-Whyte, Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett, and Dai Min of the Center for America China Partnership drafted A Proposed China-US Grand Strategy Agreement between the Presidents of China and America with input and support from China’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs and UN and US ambassadors, former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the PLA, former Military Attaché to North Korea and Israel, former Vice Minister of Commerce, the Institute of International Strategic Studies of China’s Central Party School, Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, China Center for International Economic Exchanges, China Institute For International Strategic Studies, China Foundation for International & Strategic Studies, Boao Forum, and China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations. The Proposed Agreement was delivered to President Obama and President Hu in December 2010. Its provisions were published in John Milligan-Whyte and Dai Min’s Peoples Daily Online column on November 22, 2010 and Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett’s World Politics Review column on November 29, 2010 and reported in China Daily Online on December 9, 2010 and Foreign Affairs Magazine Sept/Oct 2011 and July/Aug 2012 issues. To read the text of the proposed China-US Grand Strategy Agreement and for film excerpts from key meetings see chinasmartmagazine.com.

In 2010 he received 12,534 votes and is the only non-Chinese recipient of the “Outstanding China Business Leader Social Responsibility Award” from the China Business Leaders’ Summit at the National People’s Congress sponsored by the CPC Central Committee, State Council Information Office, China News and Red Flag magazine.

He is an Editorial Board Member for the China Institute of Innovation & Strategic Development’s Understanding China Book Series, and appointed a Distinguished Researcher at Tsinghua University’s Sino-US Research Center and Advisor to Peking University’s Advisory Committee for Strategic Communications Research Institute. John is executive producer and co-host of ChinaSmartMagazine.com and the Collaboration of Civilizations television series.

He has been a columnist for Peoples Daily Online, China Daily Online, China International Business Magazine and China State Finance Magazine and his articles are published in Mandarin and English throughout China and in publications as diverse as the Financial Times, US-China Focus, Global Times, Seeking Alpha and Study Times.

John was appointed an Honorary Research Professor at Peking University and Guest Professor at China University of International Business in 2006, Senior Advisor to the Venture Capital Research Center at Renmin University in 2007, Guest Professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2010, Adjunct Business School Professor of Finance and Economics at Jilin University in 2012. He taught Reinsurance and Catastrophe Recovery Finance at Nankai University in and China Central University of Economics and Finance in 2013.

He is Chairman and CEO of Whyte Daimin Investments Limited, a family office and privately owned venture capital company focused on joint venturing with Chinese and non-Chinese companies in projects in China, US and EU in the finance, reinsurance, aviation, clean energy and high tech sectors. Whyte Daimin Investments Limited has advised state and privately owned, listed and unlisted companies and Chinese national, provincial and municipal governments, the China Securities Association, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Insurance Institute of China. He pioneered investments focused in creating a new format of simplified, commoditized cat bonds, new cat risk hedging products tradable on futures and commodity exchanges, and business plan for Silk Road Catastrophe Recovery Finance Ltd to provide catastrophe recovery finance for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank projects and its member nations. Catastrophe Recovery Finance Ltd was designed to support the One Belt, One Road Initiative and its innovative business model was introduced at the Global Think Tank Summit in 2015.

He is Chairman of the Whyte Daimin Catastrophe Recovery Finance Center. This think tank has advised the China Securities Association (CSA) and advised the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) and Insurance Institute of China (IIC) See www.whytedaimininvestments.com for information on its Research Report and Recommendations to CSA, CIRC and IIC and textbook on China's Roles in a Sustainable Global Catastrophe Recovery Finance System being published in English, Mandarin and in other languages. He previously advised Bermuda’s Minister of Finance and the United States National Association of Insurance Commissioners on their Model Insurance Act.

John was the Chairman of Core Capital Ltd from 1992 to 2008 and was selected by the Chairman of the World Economic Forum and Managing Editor of the Harvard Business Review as a participant in the World Economic Forum’s Inaugural Meeting of New Champions in 2007.

He co-founded an international law firm in Bermuda in 1984 that became a World Economic Forum member in 1992 and the Financial Law Review co-recipient of 2002 Asian M&A Deal of the Year Award 2002. He practiced law for 25 years and founded its Reinsurance, Insolvency, Litigation, Venture Capital and China Practices. He was appointed Vice Chairman of the American Bar Association Tort and Insurance Section in 1988 and co-editor and co-author of The Law and Practice of International Reinsurance Collections and Insolvency, published in 1989 and author of fifteen peer review articles in1988 to 1997.

He is a Fellow of the International Center for Legal Studies in Strasburg, Austria, and received a B.A (Honors) specializing in Political Philosophy, LL.M and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Toronto, Osgoode Hall Law School, and Queen’s Law School, continuing legal education at Harvard Law School and executive education at Harvard Business School in in Leadership in Professional Service Firms and in Venture Capital, and in Journalism and Philanthropy at Harvard University Extension School.