Who We Are
      Dai Min

Dai Min is the co-host and executive producer of the Collaboration of Civilizations and the ChinaSmart Magazine.com Internet television series and podcasts on People’s Daily Online and China Daily Online.  She is a China Daily and People’s Daily Online columnist on America-China relations and co-author of eight books in the China America Partnership Book Series recognized in 2009 by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as creating a “New School of China America Relations.”  She co-founded the Center for America China Partnership in 2005 and America-China Partnership Foundation in 2008 in New York.

She is President of Whyte-Daimin Partners and the Global Internet Television Network, and Chairwoman of AmeriChina Finance Ltd, which represents leading technology firms in China, and was a director of foreign currency software trading, publishing and media companies.

She won the national contest in the performing arts in China in 1978 and was a lyric soprano with China’s National Opera Company prior to working at the United Nations in New York, on Wall Street as a currency trader, an advisor to ABB and Obermeyer on developing business in China. She has advised Chinese, European and American companies since 1988.

She is the granddaughter of General Dai Fengxiang, one of the earliest high-ranking generals to support Sun Yat-sun to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and establish the Republic of China. She was educated in China, Germany, England and America and is an Honorary Professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University, and Honorary Research Professor at Beijing University, an Honorary Advisor to the Beijing University Education Foundation and initiated The China Insurance Industry Executive Leadership Program in conjunction with the Wharton School, Renmin University and XL Capital, the first such executive education program approved by the China Insurance and Regulatory Commission.